Viet Nam with Kim and Kevin

From July 4 to 27, my brother Kevin and I travelled in Viet Nam, peering closely at the country through our respective lenses of filmmaker and historian. Here is the first installment, my first internet photos, and my first fitful start at using technology for sharing what I have learned.

15 August 2005

Travel with Ger

Tang Ti Ger was one of the most remarkable people we met in Viet Nam. She spoke a sprightly form of English, but could not read or write, and she also spoke very little Vietnamese. She lept along rice dikes as if she were a wood nymph, and our two-day journey with her took us to the most impoverished and most gracious of homes. At eighteen, she is old to be unmarried; when she was fifteen, she fled her home and spent three days alone in the mountains to avoid matrimony. At night, she is secretly learning to read and write.